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What Makes A Good Commercial Property Agent?

Now is a great time to consider a commercial move: whether your business is growing and you require an additional commercial space for an expanding team, you’re downsizing to a more manageable office, or you’re searching for your first commercial unit to get your company off the ground. However, the terrain of the commercial property sector is difficult to navigate on your own – with legal complexities to contend with, and expenses to consider during the current cost of living crisis, having a commercial property agent on your side to guide you through the process can be invaluable. But what should you look for when you’re on the hunt for a commercial agent? Our team have deep, practical expertise so we asked them to share their top three points to consider when choosing a good commercial property agent:


Point One: They Are Experts In Their Field

Choosing an estate agent that has primarily residential properties for rent or for sale, and the occasional commercial unit on the market, may not be the best option. This indicates that the agents are residential professionals rather than commercial specialists, or all-round property experts.

This does not bode well when it comes to the administrative aspects of purchasing or leasing a commercial unit, as residential and commercial properties are vastly different in this regard. This is because a commercial property will be directly associated with a business and will not be permanently inhabited by residents, warranting a different kind of expertise from your agent. You should therefore choose an agent that is well-versed in formatting businesses leases, lease renewals, business rates, company guarantees and even V.A.T that may need to be paid on commercial rents and service charges.

On a less administrative level, a good commercial agent will also be able to advise ways in which you can amplify the appeal of your commercial space after you have secured it. At Centrick, our involvement doesn’t end once you’ve signed your lease – if you require specialist advice regarding boosting the appeal of your office unit to encourage new talent and represent your brand, or making the most out of your space to ensure employee and customer satisfaction, we can help.

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Point Two: They Have Extensive Local Knowledge

A good commercial property agent shouldn’t just be experts in their field, but experts in the area you’re considering buying or renting in. Local knowledge is imperative for ensuring that you find the best possible unit to suit your needs. This is particularly important when you’re relocating your commercial space into a new area, or expanding your business with an additional commercial unit, as they can provide tailored guidance to help you understand the region you wish to relocate to. Their invaluable insight can help you choose the correct unit and agree a beneficial lease deal, which in-turn helps to maximise your business’ profits and growth. In short, the better your choice when choosing your next commercial unit, the better primed you are for success in your business.

Taking Birmingham as an example, certain parts of the city are better suited to certain businesses and commercial property types. For example, Digbeth is the ideal place for up-and-coming businesses with a creative and edgy feel: if your business seeks to go against the grain, Digbeth is the place for you. Artisan restaurants are well-suited to the Jewellery Quarter, with its historic surroundings adding a quaint twist to your unit. No matter what your business is, and what your goals are, Centrick’s commercial team have the local knowledge to help you pinpoint the best regions, roads and development to accelerate your growth.

Point Three: They Offer You Something You Don’t Already Have

Many commercial agents have exclusive access to off-market/off-plan development opportunities from clients that don’t wish to explicitly advertise their unit, usually for reasons related to the health of their business. These options aren’t typically available for those searching for commercial properties without the help of an agent, and can provide you with plenty more units to consider. Many of these opportunities come from long-standing clients of the commercial agency, which can even help you secure a better deal or more favourable lease. For less experienced commercial tenants and purchasers, the assistance of a worthwhile commercial agent can help ensure you’re receiving the best possible terms in a sensible, favourable deal.

Our Director of Commercial Property, Alex Tross, explained:

A commercial agent goes far beyond just arranging viewings, or helping you liaise with sellers and landlords. They are able to pick up on specific issues and clauses you may not see and can help you negotiate the best deal for you and your business. That’s why at Centrick, we take time getting to know you and your business, as well as your aspirations for your next commercial space, before we recommend a commercial unit to you.

Thinking Of Moving Commercial Spaces?

With decades of experience, a lengthy list of connections and an abundance of local knowledge, Centrick Commercial are proud to be experts in our field. Whether you’re on the hunt for a high-street retail space, your first office unit, or your next commercial investment opportunity, Centrick is here to help you source the best unit for you, and maximise your business’ potential through your commercial space. For more information on what commercial spaces we have available, or more tailored advice, fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly:

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