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Why Invest in Birmingham Property in 2024?


Property Growth Price Growth Forecast 2024-28 (JLL)


Rental Growth Forecast 2024-28 (JLL)


Property Price Growth 2014-24 (ONS)

Birmingham is the jewel in the crown of the Midlands’ property investment scene – and for good reason. The second city remains unmatched for house price forecasts, is set to experience the best rental growth in the country, and has seen exceptional capital growth over the past decade.


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The Birmingham Property Market In A Nutshell

With exceptional yields and reasonably priced properties, Birmingham has long been an investment hotspot. Here’s the state of the Birmingham property market as of July 2024…


Current Property Value (ONS)

4.4% to 7%

Average Yield (PropertyData)


Average Rent (ONS)

job opportunities

Why choose Birmingham property investment?

As the UK’s second city and home to over 1 million residents, Birmingham truly is the jewel in the crown in the West Midlands. It combines the trio of factors all investors look for – exceptional yields, proven capital growth, and impressive projections for future rental and property price growth. Paired with the city’s bustling culture, ample job opportunities, extensive redevelopment and swathes of inward investment, it is abundantly clear why buy to let landlords from across the UK and overseas are flocking towards Birmingham property investment.

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How has regeneration changed Birmingham property investment?

The Birmingham property market is thriving thanks to the vast amount of regeneration happening across the city. Most notable is the upcoming HS2 station at Curzon Street which is set to support 100,000 jobs, add £14 billion to the regional economy, and will make Birmingham more accessible from London than ever. This isn’t to mention the ongoing redevelopment of Smithfield, costing £1.9 billion, the ongoing Big City Plan to boost opportunity, jobs and interconnectivity, £700 million regeneration of Perry Barr and £1.3 billion investment into the West Midland’s metro.

How is transport impacting the Birmingham property market?

Transport links play a huge part in the performance of a property market and Birmingham is no different. Infrastructure improvements have supported ongoing regeneration and paired with the residential developments being launched across these districts it’s no surprise that Birmingham is becoming an obvious choice for both property investors and renters. Better yet, investment into West Midlands transport is ongoing – with plans to connect the already extensive Metro to Birmingham International Airport, Dudley and Merry Hill. What’s more, the £500 million expansion of Birmingham International Airport is set to add up to £2.1 billion to the local economy whilst making the region increasingly accessible and putting Birmingham at the forefront of both technological and green innovation.

How is demand impacting Birmingham property investment?

Birmingham remains a hotspot for renters thanks to its affordability, the standard of living and employers, especially compared to cities such as London where the cost of living and rents are far higher. According to ONS, the average rental price for a Birmingham property is £990 and yet property prices are more than £400,000 less than in London – highlighting the potential for exceptional yields for landlords. For renters, the opportunity to get bigger spaces for less money – alongside everything that Birmingham offers directly on their doorstep – is an enticing one. It’s this demand that is making buy to let properties in Birmingham immensely popular. This isn’t to mention the forecasted population growth in the city which is set to see a 7.8% increase to 1.23 million by 2038, further increasing demand for rental units across Birmingham.

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Why invest in Birmingham property going forward?

Birmingham is experiencing continued growth that is showing no signs of stopping, with each property type experiencing steady growth.

  • The average property price in Birmingham has soared by 78% over the last decade, seeing prices rise by around £103,000. Forecasts suggest they could continue to rise by 18.5% between 2023 and 2026.
  • Rental prices for one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in Birmingham have increased by 13% and 16% respectively over the last year.
  • It’s expected that Birmingham will have an additional 20,000 households over the next 10 years, demonstrating the demand for living in the city.

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Best Places To Invest In Birmingham

Looking for the best place to invest in Birmingham? From the historic Jewellery Quarter to the creative character of Digbeth, here are the best neighbourhoods for Birmingham property investment…

Jewellery Quarter

With an average yield of 6% and average asking price of £221,000, the Jewellery Quarter is a Birmingham property investment hotspot for good reason. The neighbourhood is a mixture of heritage buildings and stylish new builds, making Jewellery Quarter properties among some of the most characterful and distinctive in the city, and they command premium rental prices as a result. Better yet, the Jewellery Quarter sits within walking distance of the city centre, making the neighbourhood a popular location for working professional tenants searching for a convenient, sophisticated place to rent.

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Digbeth properties command an average yield of 6.2%, with properties costing an average of £221,000, and it’s no surprise the B5 postcode commands such impressive yields. Digbeth tenants benefit from being on the cusp of the city centre in one of Birmingham’s most impressive success stories, with Digbeth having experienced huge amounts of investment to rejuvenate this former industrial neighbourhood. Now, Digbeth is remarkably modern and has earned the title of Birmingham’s creative quarter, attracting artists, independent business owners and young professionals alike. This isn’t to mention the construction of HS2 at Curzon Street, a multi-billion pound opportunity that will create jobs, opportunities and put Digbeth on the map.

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One of Birmingam’s most affluent neighbourhoods, Edgbaston is popular with professional renters and families. It provides the perfect balance of distance away from the bustle of the city core, whilst remaining just a short 10-minute drive away from the centre. Buy-to-let properties in the B15 postcode command an average yield of 6.4% with an average property price of £240,000, with the neighbourhood being characterised by its period homes, greenery and proximity to the likes of the University of Birmingham and Edgbaston Stadium.

Kings Heath

Kings Heath properties command an average yield of 4.9% and average prices of £277,000, solidifying it as one of Birmingham’s more premium neighbourhoods. It sits just 4 miles south of the city centre, and enjoys its own bustling culture whilst remaining just a brief 20-minute car journey away from Birmingham New Street Station. Brimming with independent shops, a thriving pub culture and an abundance of green areas such as Highbury Park and Kings Heath Park, Kings Heath provides a truly unique suburban feel that is fantastic for families.

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Searching for Birmingham’s hidden gem? Introducing Longbridge – just 20 minutes from the city centre, this suburban neighbourhood is in the midst of a £700 million regeneration plan that is set to create 10,000 jobs, solidifying Longbridge as one of the best places to invest in Birmingham. With current average yields of 4.8%, and average property prices of £263,000, Longbridge should definitely be on your radar if you are looking for an up and coming Birmingham property investment hotspot.

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Birmingham City Centre

Properties in the B3 postcode in Birmingham city centre command yields of 5.7% and are priced at an average of £218,000. The city core is one of the most affordable postcodes as it largely consists of studios and apartments rather than houses. City centre properties are largely occupied by young professionals and students looking to immerse themselves in the heart of Birmingham city culture and stay within walking distance of Birmingham’s core business district, universities, entertainment and leisure facilities, of which there are many. What’s more, regeneration schemes such as Paradise, Eastside Locks and Smithfield are creating more jobs, more demand, and greater rental growth in the city centre, making for a compelling investment case.

Explore The Latest Birmingham Property Investment Opportunities

Cooper Gate

A striking collection of modern apartments located in Longbridge, Birmingham. Prices from £187,500.

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Vicarage Road

A stylish trio of townhouses located in the heart of the vibrant suburb of Kings Heath, Birmingham. Prices from £435,000.

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Lockside Wharf

A stunning restoration of a landmark building along Birmingham’s iconic waterways. Prices from £180,000.

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The Copperworks

A unique development of 71 units, designed to preserve the heritage of Birmingham's JQ. Prices from £245,000.

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Scholars Quarter

New build 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, situated in Birmingham's iconic Jewellery Quarter. Prices from £225,000.

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The Gothic

A unique development of just 14 bespoke apartments in one of the UK’s fastest-growing cities. Prices from £295,995.

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The Pressworks

48 unique homes in the heart of Birmingham’s prestigious Jewellery Quarter.

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South Central

A landmark 30-storey development of luxury apartments at the heart of Birmingham city centre. Prices from £205,800.

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Digbeth One 2

A stunning development of 194 apartments at the heart of Birmingham's creative quarter. Prices from £160,000.

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Property Values Across Birmingham By Property Type

The average property in Birmingham sits at a value of £228,000, which is significantly lower than the national average of £284,000, saving the average property investor a huge £56,000. Birmingham property prices also sit below the West Midlands national average of £246,000 as of July 2024, despite being the single largest city in the Midlands. Simply put, Birmingham property investors get access to exceptionally well-placed properties with unrivalled access to transport links, local amenities, jobs and investments, all for an immensely competitive price. Here’s what you can expect to pay for each type of Birmingham property as of July 2024, according to the ONS


Flats & Maisonettes







Rental Values Across Birmingham By Bedroom And Property Type

In May 2024, the average monthly private rent in Birmingham was £990, up from £882 in May 2023, marking a 12.2% increase. Comparatively, the average rent across Great Britain was £1,262, highlighting Birmingham’s relative affordability. For Birmingham property investors, certain property types proved more lucrative: the average rent for semi-detached properties increased by 12.5%, while for detached properties it rose by 11.9%. Additionally, rents for one-bedroom properties climbed by 12.6%, and those for properties with four or more bedrooms saw an 11.1% rise. You can explore more stats below courtesy of the ONS…


1 bed (pcm)


2 bed (pcm)


3 bed (pcm)


4+ bed (pcm)


Flats & Maisonettes (pcm)


Terraced (pcm)


Semi-Detached (pcm)


Detached (pcm)

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