Land – Buy It, Develop It, Sell It

Explore everything you need to know about land acquisition, development, sale and exit.

land development

Land – Buy It, Develop It, Sell It

The ultimate guide to land development, sales, and acquisition.

The UK property landscape is changing – demand for properties is increasing, homes are in short supply and housing targets are not being met.

As legislation changes, demographics evolve and lifestyles shift the way we develop land and build properties for the future has to change to meet these evolving needs.

In this deep dive across all things Land and Property we’re examining the need to knows and must do’s to develop land smartly and effectively to create value, returns and meet the needs of the future UK population.

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Land Development UK guide

Shedding Light On The Property Landscape Of Tomorrow

The UK’s population is rapidly growing, projected to reach 70 million by 2035, making it potentially the largest in Europe by the century’s midpoint. Additionally, the population is ageing due to advancements in medicine, with the number of Brits aged 65 or older increasing from 9.2 million to 11 million between 2011 and 2021.

This demographic shift is significantly impacting the property market. There’s a pressing need to update existing accommodation, build new units focused on the changing demographic, and increase overall construction. Across the UK the population is growing at a rate requiring 312,000 new homes annually, against a backdrop of consistently falling short of the required constructing 300,000 new homes per year, the urgency to not only construct more homes is real and being felt across all quarters.

This free Land Guide outlines the current state of the UK property market, understand where the focus for land development should lie and how developers can make the most of land services.

land development

What’s in the Land Development guide?

The Need For New Homes

With the British population skyrocketing and the government failing to meet their housing targets, the need for new homes has never been more pressing. We explore the impact of population growth on the UK housing market.

The Building Landscape

Building construction costs and land values are changing, but how is this set to impact future building developments? And should developers be shifting their focus to permitted developments?

House Prices And Rental Values

Looking to develop land in the future? You must understand market trends and predictions to best appease the demands of the renters and buyers of tomorrow. We examine key growth areas, the battle between houses and apartments, and whether developers ought to prioritise rural or urban developments.

Planning For Success

From planning permission to building regulations and changing use cases, we explore the importance of bureaucracy when it comes to constructing housing for the future.

Building For The Future

The building landscape of tomorrow needs to change so that the UK property market can evolve. In this section, we delve into what the property landscape may look like years from now – from eco-friendly constructions, to ultra-modern build to rent developments and better use of brownfield land.

It is abundantly clear that the property landscape across the UK is changing, and it is the duty of property developers to stay up to date with changing demands of the property sector in order to provide the very best solutions to this problem. But this solution is far from straightforward, and an abundance of queries arise…

Where should you purchase plots? What should you build on your plot? How expensive will construction be? What units are tenants and buyers searching for? What regulations do I need to pay attention to?

The aim of the Land – How To Buy It, How To Develop It, How To Sell It guide is to assist developers in answering these queries in order to produce exceptional returns and the best possible properties for this generation and the next.

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