Smart Investing

Deciphering the Property Landscape of Tomorrow

Discover how to evolve your property investment strategy with valuable market insights.

After consulting with 600 tenants across the BTR and PRS sectors, we have uncovered valuable insights into what tenants want – we’re feeding those findings back to you so you can make the most informed investment decisions and meet the evolving needs of UK renters.
Throughout the guide, you’ll find expert advice on how to start investing in UK property regardless of your experience level, as well as accessing exclusive first-party data to inform your next investment moves.
how to invest in property

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Discover how to invest in property with valuable market insights.

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how to invest in property

Unveiling What Your Future Tenants Want

When it comes to maximising the appeal of your buy-to-let properties to help you achieve the best possible yields and returns, you must understand precisely what your tenants want in their rental property. By putting yourself into the shoes of your tenant, you can make the very best decisions when it comes to how to invest in property by purchasing units that will attract the type of tenants you want – whether you’re hoping to appeal to the growing short-term lets market, students, families or the growing rental population of senior residents.

The Smart Investing research provides valuable insights into what core tenant demographics want, what they’re willing to pay more for, and what features aren’t likely to persuade them to rent with you. 

how to invest in property

What’s in the Smart Investing guide?

Finding Your Motivation

Understanding what your long-term investment goals are and whether property is the best asset class for you is the first step to smart investing. We guide you through finding and understanding your key motivators for investing in the UK property market.

Demographic Targeting

Different tenants want different things, and are willing to pay more for specific amenities, facilities and features – but which demographics want what, and how can you invest smartly to appeal to your ideal tenant?

Location-Based Demand

Just as different tenant demographics expect and demand different features in their rental property, so do those in different parts of the UK. We examine London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Sheffield to explore what different regions expect from their rental units so that you can understand how to invest in property for each distinct location.

Features To Look For

An important part of learning how to invest in property smartly is understanding what features to keep an eye out for. From green amenities to local regeneration and excellent location, we explore the features that will attract tenants regardless of age or location.

Since our inception, Centrick has been passionate about helping investors by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to make the best investment decisions possible. We understand that each investor has different motivations, aims and experience levels – that’s why we created the Smart Investing guide to help all investors by giving them the information they need to choose their next buy to let unit smartly.

We took an unbiased litmus test of perceptions, values and opinions from renters across the UK in order to understand precisely what makes the average British tenant tick. What will they pay more for? What features do they deem less valuable? And how satisfied are they with their existing rental accommodation? By collating our research, we have been able to truly comprehend the values of tenants across the UK and are feeding our findings back to investors so they can make the smartest investment decisions for the benefit of their yields and the satisfaction of their tenants.

Dive Into Regional Property Trends...

Smart Investing Sheffield

Sheffield residents seemed to have far higher levels of dissatisfaction with their local services, with 31% of our respondents stating that they were not happy with their local amenities. This pinpoints a need for investors to explore local regeneration opportunities and focus on purchasing units within reasonable distance of leisure facilities and amenities in order to appease their tenants.

Smart Investing Manchester

If you are purchasing a Manchester apartment in a larger, managed complex, be sure to evaluate the aptitude of the development’s management team. Mancunians are more likely than any of our other surveyed regions to express dissatisfaction with their management services, with almost 30% of our respondents stating this aspect of their tenancy was below their expectations.

Smart Investing Birmingham

If you are hoping to purchase a buy-to-let property in Birmingham, it is advised that you welcome pets with open arms. The average Birmingham tenant deems pet friendliness as one of their top three priorities when searching for rental accommodation so, to appeal to as many tenants as possible, it is certainly worth extending your welcome to furry friends.

Smart Investing London

Londoners were the most likely of respondents to deem parking important, with 76% of those surveyed stating that parking was either ‘somewhat’ or ‘very important’ to them compared to 72% of our overall audience. With such limited space for vehicles in the clustered capital, it’s no wonder parking is such a rare commodity that could boost the appeal of your investment immensely.

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