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First and foremost, we listen. Our priority is to understand the aspirations you have for your property investment portfolio – whether you’re investing for personal reasons or want to create a thriving business.

By understanding your goals, Centrick Invest can evaluate your strategy and provide recommendations around potential opportunities. We help investors of all shapes and sizes invest in property – from beginners seeking traditional buy-to-let units to those building the foundations of a portfolio.

All of this support is delivered by a team of property investment experts that can assist you during your research, providing detailed information on key local markets around the country, as well as upcoming investment opportunities.

With developments across the country from Birmingham to Manchester, Nottingham to Sheffield we understand just what makes a great property investment.

We’re particularly passionate about Midlands property investments – after all, we are based in the Midlands, and can see first-hand the growth and redevelopment of key regions such as Birmingham, Solihull and Nottingham as well as the huge demand for Manchester and beyond. This allows our team to recommend the finest  property investments from our range of new developments.

Ultimately, it’s our mission to provide transparency throughout the investment process – avoiding all of the jargon, glossy brochures and marketing shine that might impact how you invest in property. Everything we do is grounded in reality and we only provide practical advice that fits you, your goals and your investment property.

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How we do it:

CentrickInvest property investment - Discover icon
1. Discover your property goals

We work with you to define your property investment goals

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2. Evaluate your current portfolio

We look at how your current investments are performing

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3. Establish an investment strategy

We review your assets and assess your investment options

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4. Action your investment strategy

We help you action your investment plans and maximise for success

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CentrickInvest property investment - Discovery

Step 1: Discovery

Our first step is understanding your goals and more importantly, you. To provide an effective service, we need to understand how you invest and what you want to achieve. Many people find themselves entering the UK property investment market for different reasons – you may have found you’ve inherited a property or simply want to build a form of passive income. Whatever your reasons, having these motivations at the front of your mind generally leads to success when you invest in property.

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Step 2: Evaluation

With clear objectives defined, we look at your existing investments to understand how well-suited they are to your goals. Our expertise in UK property investment helps us examine your performance so far and provides an objective view of the overall effectiveness of current assets, alongside insights into why you might invest in property. We’re able to evaluate your borrowing position, net and gross yields, management costs and of course, potential returns to build a clear and concise assessment of your portfolio. This is defined as your CentrickScore, a tailor-made assessment of you as an investor which can form a range of actionable investment recommendations.

Find out your CentrickScore
CentrickInvest property investment - Assess

Step 3: Strategy

By utilising your CentrickScore, our team is able to provide clear, jargon-free recommendations for building your investment strategy. This is our way of helping property investors – of all experience levels – make informed and well-balanced decisions that have a positive impact on your objectives. We’re able to provide recommendations on specific assets, investment markets and even efficient property structures, ensuring you have a complete picture of your strategy from start to finish. Centrick Invest always aims to provide this support through face-to-face meetings and calls, avoiding long-winded PDFs or emails.

Define your investment strategy
CentrickInvest property investment - Action

Step 4: Action

At Centrick Invest we have a team of over 200 property experts, all of whom can help you action your investment strategy and provide useful insights into the wider process. With this resource, alongside our extensive independent network, you can be safe in the knowledge that we’re always able to source the right partner or investment property to meet your needs. This ongoing support also means we have an accurate, reliable picture of your CentrickScore and wider investment plan, which allows us to provide optimal recommendations in terms of investment properties.

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