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The Nottingham Property Market In A Nutshell

Nottingham makes a fantastic place to invest thanks to its exceptional yields and reasonable prices – here’s the current state of the Nottingham property investment market as of July 2024…


Current Property Value (ONS)

5.8% to 17.6%

Average Yield (PropertyData)


Average Rent (ONS)


Why choose Nottingham property investment?

Nottingham property has experienced a huge boost in value, rising by 7%  over the past two years, and by 35% over the past five years. This increase in Nottingham sales prices has directly impacted the local rental market, supporting rental growth of 9.8% in the year up to May 2024 according to the ONS.

This has created impressive yields across the region, with Nottingham’s key NG1 and NG7 postcodes producing yields of 8.5% and 7.3% respectively. What’s more, research from PropertyData reveals that studio apartments in the city can achieve huge yields of up to 17.6%, followed by 7.9% yields for one-beds, 7.4% for two-beds and 6.2% for three-bed properties. This far surpasses the national average rental yield of 4.75%, so it’s no surprise that Nottingham buy to let property is becoming increasingly popular as an asset. So, if you’re searching for an opportunity to grow your property portfolio with buy to let Nottingham is a great place to explore.

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How is regeneration changing Nottingham property investment?

The future of Nottingham property investment looks bright, especially since the city is in the midst of extensive regeneration which will bring more businesses, more opportunities and more people into the area.

HS2 East is perhaps the most large-scale regenerative scheme currently under construction, with the implications of this new powerhouse rail network being huge – Nottingham will be just a 26-minute train journey from Birmingham, and less than one hour from London, making the East Midlands city a new commuter haven.

£250 million is being used to regenerate the Broadmarsh region into the bustling ‘green heart’ of the city. There are also plans for an impressive new Island Quarter and Central Library, both of which will bring fresh vibrancy into Nottingham.

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How will demand transform Nottingham property investment?

Demand for property in Nottingham is exceptionally high thanks to a combination of reasonable property prices, employment opportunities and brilliant connectivity.
Business powerhouses Siemens, E-ON and G&M have set up headquarters in the city, creating secure jobs for Nottingham locals whilst also bringing new employees into the region. Rising demand is also supported by Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham, both of which attract local and international talent into the area.

Nottingham properties also benefit from superb connectivity, with London just 90 minutes away by train and East Midlands Airport less than 15 miles away. When we consider Nottingham’s affordability – the average property costs £194,000 compared to an East Midlands average of £242,000 – and respective yields, it’s no shock that Nottingham properties are popular with investors and tenants.

Nottingham lettings portfolio

Why invest in Nottingham property going forward?

With exceptional regeneration across the city, increasing tenant demand and reasonably priced properties prime for investment, there’s good reasoning to invest in Nottingham. The city is experiencing fantastic growth, making it a prime space for your next buy to let investment:

  • The average property price in Nottingham has risen by over 82% over the last decade according to Land Registry data, translating to an increase of around £87,000. The latest Savills forecasts suggest that 2024 to 2028 could see further price growth of 22.8% across the East Midlands
  • Rental prices in Nottingham have increased significantly over the past 12 months, with 2023 to 2024 seeing a huge hike of 9.8%
  • Plans are already in place for an additional 2,000 new homes across Nottingham city centre, which will increase alongside rising demand
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Why choose Centrick Invest?

As your resident Nottingham property investment experts, Centrick have over 18 years of experience in helping investors curate a portfolio that works for them.

With tailored advice on portfolio diversification, thorough and updated analysis of property trends, and a keen eye for any developments happening across the Nottingham buy to let market – Centrick Invest is your ultimate partner, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Even after your next Nottingham property investment purchase, we’re able to provide valuable ongoing support to help you understand the next steps in your broader investment plan.

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The Centrick Invest difference - how it works:

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We can help you find specific Nottingham properties ideal for investment, as well as supporting the process of integrating them into your investment plan. Our team has a broad understanding of the local market and can assist you during the entire process.

Explore Our Nottingham Property Investment Opportunities

Nottingham is an exceptional place to start your investment journey, or add to your existing portfolio. Uncover the range of property developments on offer with Centrick Invest.

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Property Values Across Nottingham By Property Type

Nottingham property values are exceptionally competitive – especially when compared to the rest of the UK, and even to the rest of the East Midlands. In fact, across the East Midlands the average house price in April 2024 was £242,000, and across the UK the average property value was £284,000: however, in Nottingham the average property value its at £194,000. As such, Nottingham property values are significantly lower – 31% lower than the national average, in fact.

But which type of property makes the best Nottingham property investment? According to the ONS, here are the current values of properties across Nottingham based on property type as of July 2024.


Flats & Maisonettes







Rental Values Across Nottingham By Bedroom And Property Type

If you are looking for a city that is experiencing exceptional rental growth, look no further than Nottingham. Private rents across Nottingham increased to an average of £910 in May 2024, reflecting a 9.8% annual rise from £829 in May 2023. This growth outpaced the 8.7% increase seen in the East Midlands over the same period, making Nottingham one of the best places to invest in the region based on rental price growth alone. Here’s what each number of bedrooms commands on the rental market across Nottingham according to the ONS as of July 2024.


1 bedroom (pcm)


2 bedrooms (pcm)


3 bedrooms (pcm)


4+ bedrooms (pcm)


Flats & Maisonettes (pcm)


Terraced (pcm)


Semi-Detached (pcm)


Detached (pcm)

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