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What Is A Land Agent?

A land agent serves as the liaison between a landowner and a prospective land purchaser. They specialise in the sale and acquisition of land, as well as finding sellers for buyers, and buyers for sellers. The difference with a land agent when compared to using a regular property estate agent is that land agents have specialised knowledge that inform their processes, making their services particularly valuable. At Centrick, we have a reputable and experienced Land and Development Opportunities team to assist our clients, whether they are making a segue from commercial or residential property into land acquisition or are seasoned investors and developers in land. Here are the five areas you can expect for us to cover as a land agent:

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It is beneficial that your land agent is RICS accredited in order to fully comprehend the land market and provide you with a valuation that is accurate and informative. A land agent such as Centrick, who have experience in development consultancy, can offer particularly informed valuations that consider the long-term value of your plot to developers. What’s more, a land agency will likely have pre-existing connections and a backlog of successful land sales to back-up their valuation, and perhaps even expedite the sales process by connecting you with eager purchasers.

Planning and Development

Land topography and condition of the sub structure may make plots unsuitable for certain development projects or even increase the build costs. What’s more, this is inextricably associated with the value of the land, with many prospective purchasers requiring a set of pre-existing conditions within their next land purchase. A land agent will be able to help you navigate this difficult terrain both literally and metaphorically by sharing their knowledge about the potential future use of your plot, and marketing your plot accordingly. They will be able to market your land to reach the correct audience: whether they are a developer, or an individual looking for additional farmland, a land agent that has an astute comprehension of land topography combined with an understanding of your local land market will be able to expedite the sales process.

Compliance Advice

Land agents will also be able to advise sellers and purchasers in regards to legal and tax issues, helping them to make sense of the compliance landscape throughout the process. For example, planning permission must be acquired before the planning and development stages, with some site purchases being conditional on the acquisition of planning permission. Similarly, a land agent may be able to perform other services, from GIS mapping to locating deeds or drawing up other documents and contracts throughout your collaboration with them. They will be well connected and well informed enough to expedite these processes whilst remaining compliant at all times.

Negotiation and Acquisition

A good land agent will ensure that deals are prosperous for landowner and purchaser and maintain the relationship between both parties, whilst effectively negotiating a fair price for both parties. This is particularly valuable for those who may not be as seasoned with land acquisition, may not have the existing connections to find a purchaser, or may not have the time to negotiate on their own. Your land agent will see sales through from initial inception to completion, and should be able to offer comprehensive marketing, a personal port of call within the agency, and regular property performance reports.

Your Perfect Plot

The advice your land agent can provide is invaluable, helping you to secure the perfect plot of land for your needs. Many of Centrick’s clients come to us with an interest in land investment and property development but want advice on which areas will yield the most reward and profit. Our experience in land and development means that we are able to recommend the best locations and markets to invest in to optimise return on investment.

A land agent will also be able to help you break down the costs of land acquisition, legal costs, construction, and everything in between and help you determine which plot would be the most worth your while. What’s more, with their network of pre-existing contacts, and perhaps even access to off-market opportunities, you can expect your land agent to open doors that would not exist if you were exploring the market on your own. In short, this means better plots, a simpler process, and more potential profit.

Looking For A Land Agent?

Centrick aren’t your generic land agency – our RICS accredited professionals have insight stretching from land, planning and development, to sales, lettings and estate management. This allows us to inform you no matter what your next steps are. Whether you’re considering building a new development on your newly-acquired plot, or want to use the funds from your land sale to invest in buy-to-let, Centrick have got you covered. To uncover more about our land services, and to delve into the current land market, trends and outlooks, download our free land guide by filling out the form below.

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