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How To Find The Perfect Commercial Space

Whether you’re expanding your business, or searching for your first office space, it’s difficult to find the ideal commercial space that ticks every box. With businesses bouncing back after the uncertainty of the pandemic, competition for exceptional workspaces is fiercer than ever, which is why today Centrick is bringing you our best advice for finding your perfect commercial space! From understanding your needs, to renovating your chosen space and implementing your unique branding – here’s all you need to know:

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What are your office needs?

Before you start your search for the perfect commercial space, it’s important that you consider precisely what you’re looking for in order to streamline your searching process. Here’s a list of the points you should be thinking about before you delve into the depths of Rightmove:

  • Size: If your business is ready for expansion, or if you see your business growing rapidly over the coming months and years, it’s important to factor this into your commercial search. Your new commercial unit should be sustainable for your business and offer ample room for growth. Businesses are dynamic and ever-changing, and commercial units should be a reflection of this – try to find a unit that can change alongside you.
  • Budget: Setting your budget is perhaps the most important aspect of finding a perfect commercial space and should be considered far in advance of signing a new commercial lease contract. Ensure that you account for any potential renovations of your new commercial space in your budget and consult an accountant.
  • Your Business Future: Where do you see your business in 12 months? How about 5 years? If you’re planning to rapidly change your business model, ensure that you are looking for commercial spaces that are malleable enough to change alongside you.


The Importance of Location

Although units that are in more remote locations may offer better value per square foot, your business certainly won’t reap the reward of this if your employees cannot commute to your office. Proximity to train stations, bus stops and road networks undoubtedly make commercial spaces more expensive, but accessibility for your employees and clients alike is vital for the long-term functioning of your business. For businesses that utilise flexible or hybrid working models, choosing a remote location may be more appropriate.

If your business does not require too much footfall or in-person shopping – for example, telecommunications businesses – it may be worth exploring units away from the centre of busy towns and cities.

Location is also vital for shaping your brand and creating an impact on the community where you set up shop. Many new businesses may want to build their reputation in an area where they can piggyback off existing businesses – for example, new jewellers would do well to find a unit in the Jewellery Quarter. However, more established businesses, or businesses trying to create a niche, would do well to research which locations have an absence of their business-type so that they can break new ground. The location of your business is inextricably tied to your brand identity, and can also help to shape it.

Enlist an office agent

Office agents are the resident experts in commercial sales and lettings and work alongside you to help source your perfect commercial space with the best possible terms. Your office agent will spend time getting to know your business – specifically the points above, such as your size, budget and location needs – so that they can provide helpful guidance.

Better yet, an office agent can provide access to exclusive off-market units that you may not be able to discover on your own, as well as taking care of the negotiations process on your behalf. So long as you brief your office agent clearly on your commercial requirements, they should be able to strike a particularly beneficial deal on your behalf,

Make it perfect

In reality, your perfect commercial space may not exist… yet.

This is why many businesses set aside funds to decorate their next commercial unit and infuse their branding and ethos into their new building to make it uniquely tailored to them. Consider searching for a space that can act as a blank canvas and seek to implement your brand into the décor of your new premises. Aim to create an environment that appeals to both new and prospective employees, that encourages productivity yet offers spaces to take necessary breaks and relieve pressure, and – most importantly – take steps to create an environment where you’d want to work. Ask your employees what they want to see in the perfect commercial space, and collaboratively work together to create an environment which benefits everyone.

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