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Why New Build Properties Can Be Cheaper In The Long Run

Heating and powering residential properties constitutes approximately 40% of total energy use and, in the current cost of living crisis, the cost of this energy is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with. As such, those searching for their next place to call home are primarily looking at new build properties that are constructed with the latest technologies and materials to ensure optimal energy efficiency, thereby making new build properties cheaper in the long run. Here’s why a new build home could slash your energy costs and boost your energy efficiency:

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Energy Performance In New Build Properties

The EPC ratings of new build properties are generally far more desirable than older properties. 80% of new build properties achieve an EPC rating of A or B, compared to 2.2% of older homes. This is a result of new build units being built to more exacting standards, with the latest technologies and building materials.

New Rules And Regulations For New Build Properties

New build properties must abide by the latest building regulations and standards, many of which aim to produce greener properties for the future. By targeting key areas where energy efficiency can dip, such as draughts, insulation and outdated boilers, the new rules and regulations for new build properties ensure that modern constructions are as cost effective as possible.

Future Home Standard

As part of the Department For Levelling Up’s commitment to reaching Net Zero, the government have launched the Future Homes Standard for 2025 which pledges to reduce the carbon emissions of new build homes by up to 80% when compared to those under existing regulations. The Future Homes Standard states that all new builds should be able to run effectively without the use of fossil fuels, which would see new builds abandon the need to use increasingly expensive gas.


New recommendations indicate that mechanical ventilation products and trickle vents should be used to better control the dispersion of heat throughout your home, thereby helping you to utilise your energy more meaningfully.

Fuel And Power

New homes must now try to actively reduce thermal bridges (weak points in your property wherein heat can be lost), meet reference targets for walls, floors, doors and rooves, and utilise energy efficient boilers such as those that use heat pumps.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

All new build homes must come with the capacity to charge an electric vehicle, so long as they have parking capacity. With the cost of fuel on the rise, many hybrid and electric car owners are looking to move into homes with electric vehicle charging points, making a new build home a particularly appealing option.

The Latest Technology In New Build Properties

Over the past decade, many energy saving technologies have become staples in our homes, and many come as standard in new build properties. Smart meters are able to give homeowners the ability to reliably track their energy usage and make the appropriate reactive amends to improve their use. Similarly, smart thermostats give homeowners greater control over the dispersion of heat across their properties, allowing them to control their heating remotely and focus heat in certain rooms and enabling people to be more mindful of their energy usage and save money. Solar panels are also becoming more commonplace across the UK, with 70% of new build homes in Scotland utilising solar power, a testament to the value of this technology for improving the energy efficiency of a home. Despite misconceptions regarding the ineptitude of solar technology in unpredictable British weather, solar panels are actually a very effective means of producing reliable green energy.

New build properties also utilise the latest insulation materials to optimise energy efficiency by stopping heat from escaping. By using an abundance of insulation material in walls and rooves, and by ensuring airtightness around doors and windows, any heat you use is sure to stay within your four walls for longer.

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