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At Home Investments For Long Term Savings

Last week, we focused on the best cheap and easy ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency to ensure that you’re proactively saving money – but what about homeowners that want to make more lasting  investments for long term savings that can improve efficiency, save them more money, and even add value to their house? At Home With Centrick have you covered with our list of long-term energy efficiency investments that will transform your home and save you money in the long run.

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Using your EPC

Your Energy Performance Certificate can provide great tips as to how to improve your energy efficiency whilst also showing you a cost breakdown of how much time it will take for you to recoup your investments. They present guidance on what efficiency level your property is capable of reaching when the necessary improvements are made, and your EPC will even list your recommended improvements based on how much impact they could have. Recent EPC’s will even inform you as to whether your recommended measures can be funded by the Green Deal, allowing you to assess which help you can obtain.

What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a scheme which provides homeowners with loans to assist with the payment of home improvements that aim to enhance energy efficiency. Financial assistance may be available for insulation, draught proofing, heating, double glazing or the implementation of renewable energy sources. These loans must be paid back by the individual that pays the electricity bill.

So, what long-term investments will have the greatest impact on your energy efficiency? Here are Centrick’s top five:

Loft Insulation

If your property struggles with heat retention, loft insulation may be the best long-term investment to improve your energy efficiency. Approximately one quarter of heat escapes through an uninsulated roof or loft, and the insulation can last up to forty years, making this one of the most impactful changes you can make to your property. According to Which?, homeowners can save up to £315 per year on their energy bills if they have adequate loft insulation. With an average installation cost of between £590 and £890 depending on your property, you will certainly make the money back on this investment within just a few years.

Solar Panels

Solar panels cost an average of £6,500, making them a hefty investment in your home’s energy efficiency. However, it is estimated that solar panels can save homeowners up to £514 per year whilst also being a fantastic eco-friendly asset to your property. Although Britain is undeniably unpredictable when it comes to the weather, British households can still benefit from solar panels year-round, as direct sunlight is not necessary to generate energy. Even better, solar panels can last up to 25 years if maintained properly, making them a fantastic long-term investment. You can even sell surplus energy generated by your solar panels, making them even more cost effective.

Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps can save you up to £1,410 per year – a truly impressive saving. However, these heat pumps will cost homeowners between £7,000 to £13,000, making fantastic for long-term savings and a positive tick for potential buyers. This upgrade can be particularly beneficial if your existing system is especially outdated, such as old electric storage heaters. Before purchasing a heat pump, you should check if you are eligible for assistance via the Boiler Upgrade Grant which can provide £5,000 in financial aid for the installation of an air source heat pump.

Double Glazing

If your property is losing heat around windows and is generating draughts, double glazing may be the best long-term investment for you. Not only does double glazing keep heat inside your property for longer, but they reduce the likelihood of condensation which can lead to damp and mould, whilst also insulating your property from external noise. Better yet, you could save up to £235 per year and 405kg of carbon dioxide by replacing single glazed windows with A++ double glazing, whilst also drastically improving the value of your house by up to ten per cent. It may seem like a simple fix but it’s well worth re-evaluating your double glazing across the property, including conservatories, skylights, lofts and doors as well as windows.

Boiler Upgrade

Our last long-term investment suggestion is a boiler upgrade which could save you up to £350 per year. This hefty saving comes from the fact that 55 per cent of our energy bills are spent on heating, making an inefficient boiler a significant financial burden. Modern combi boilers run at an average efficiency of 92 per cent, meaning that you can be rest assured that your energy efficiency is nigh on perfect. A new boiler will cost you anything from £600 to £2,500, depending on the level of efficiency and modernity you choose, which means there’s a boiler for every price range.

Ready to save at home this January?

Centrick’s latest endeavour, the At Home Hub, is designed to give you all of the advice and guidance you need to make home improvements that are cost-effective, sustainable and add value to your home. From understanding how to improve your energy efficiency, to quick and easy tips to save money on your energy bills and how to make investments for long term savings – Centrick have you covered. Be sure to check out our At Home Hub for weekly blogs that will transform your home in no time!

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