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How To Reduce Your Energy Bills

It’s no secret that energy prices have soared over the past twelve months by almost double, with households across the country seeking to reduce their energy bills in an effort to save money. However, this is far easier said than done – despite the government’s price caps and energy initiatives, energy bills continue to creep up, with the average household now spending approximately £2,500 per year on gas and electricity. What’s more, British weather is notoriously volatile, with 2022 seeing lows of minus ten and highs of forty degrees, making heating and cooling your household imperative to live comfortably in these unpredictable conditions.

But hope is not lost! Check out Centrick’s top tips on how to reduce your energy bills to slice your expenditure, amplify your energy efficiency, and live more sustainably.


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Quick Changes To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Looking to make a few quick and easy changes to reduce your energy bills? These tips can be implemented immediately, and with little to no cost, allowing you to become more aware of your energy consumption and reduce your spending.

  • Ensure that electrical appliances are fully turned off, not simply on standby, as this wastes energy unnecessarily
  • Explore comparison websites to see if you could be saving on your gas and electricity bills with a competitor supplier: Compare The Market, USwitch and Money Supermarket are all great websites to explore your options
  • Implement draught excluders in doorways to keep the heat in. Although you can buy these from most home stores, you can also make your own by repurposing old clothes and pillowcases
  • Lightbulbs need replacing? Consider using LEDs, or even strip lights, for a more energy-efficient lighting setup
  • Ditch your baths in exchange for a shower to save on water, and switch your showerhead to a gentler pressure
  • Have a tumble dryer? Opt for air-drying your laundry in instances where you don’t require your clothes, sheets and towels immediately
  • For those with a dishwasher, only do a wash once your appliance is full to avoid wasted half-washes

Long-Term Changes To Reduce Your Energy Bills

If you’re looking to make a big impact, and want to save in the long term, you can invest in improving your insulation throughout your property, as well as upgrading double glazing and switching to more energy-efficient light bulbs. Your latest EPC report will have a cost breakdown of what investments you can make to improve your energy efficiency and save money in the long term and can help you target which parts of your property are wasting energy. You can find your EPC online.

Loft insulation can save you up to £600 per year, and cavity wall insulation can save you up to £200 per year, allowing you to recoup your costs relatively quickly providing you use a trusted insulation company. The same can be said for double glazing, which can help your home retain heat better, not to mention boost your house value considerably.

Modern technology can also allow you to have better control over your energy usage, allowing you to better understand your expenditure. Smart Thermostats are a great example of this, as they allow you to control the temperature of each room and each related heating appliance, even when you are not physically inside the property. Left the heater on whilst you were away on holiday? With a Smart Thermostat, you can turn this off remotely, saving you both stress and money. Smart meters are similarly beneficial as they allow you to keep track of where your energy expenditure is greatest by live tracking your electricity usage.

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Help Schemes To Reduce Your Energy Bills


ECO is short for the Energy Company Obligation policy which ensures that the most vulnerable households across the UK have access to energy efficient tools and appliances. This is targeted at those claiming benefits or pensions in order to amplify their savings by assisting them with the costs of insulation and boiler repairs or replacements.

Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount is a one-off payment paid directly to your energy supplier to reduce your energy bills by £150 and is eligible to apply for until March 2023. This is available to those claiming pensions, or those on a low income.

Cold Weather Payment

If you receive benefits or certain support for mortgage interest, you could be eligible for the Cold Weather Payment. This is paid to those who have experienced sub-zero temperatures for seven consecutive days, with £25 being paid for every one-week period.

Winter Fuel Payment

Those born before August 1953 that also claim state pensions and social security benefits are eligible for the Winter Fuel Payment, which provides up to £300 to assist people living through the colder months.

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