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How Do I Know How Energy Efficient A Property Is?

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important factor for those looking to purchase their first home. With the cost of living crisis pushing gas and electricity bills up, and mortgage interest rates rising, many first time buyers are prioritising finding an energy efficient property to ensure their bills remain at a minimum. Which begs the question – how do you determine how energy efficient a property is? In this piece, Centrick will be guiding you through the ways to discover the energy efficiency of a property, as well as which aspects of a property you ought to take special notice of when searching for an energy efficient home.

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Purchasing A Resale Property? Consult The EPC.

The easiest way to discover how energy efficient a property is would be to consult its EPC. An EPC – an acronym of Energy Performance Certificate – provides you with valuable insights into any property’s energy performance, including how efficient it is. Here’s what you’ll find in an EPC Report:

  • Energy Rating: A score from A to G which provides a broad indication of how energy efficient your property is, with A being the best and G the worst
  • Energy Rating Potential: A score which indicates the potential energy rating of a property if a set of measures to boost efficiency are implemented
  • Energy Performance Breakdown: An analysis of the features within a property and how energy efficient they each are, rated from ‘very good’ to ‘very poor’
  • Primary Energy Use: An estimate of the energy used by the property each year per square meter
  • Environmental Impact: Lists the amount of CO2 your property produces each year, and how much it could produce if a set of measures were implemented to reduce CO2 production
  • Advised Actions: A list of possible actions you could take to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 output across the property, including a breakdown of installation cost, potential savings, and how drastically each measure could improve your overall energy rating

Want to find an EPC for your current home, or a property you’re interested in purchasing? Consult the EPC Register here.

Looking For A New Home? Ask The Developer.

Not all properties will have updated or available Energy Performance Certificate, specifically homes that are under construction and available to purchase off-plan. If you are considering purchasing an off-plan unit as your first home, you can consult the developer for further information on which energy efficient features are being installed. Generally, new build properties are held to higher energy efficiency standards than resale units, with 85% of new build units achieving an EPC rating of A or B. So, if you’re willing to wait for your first home to be constructed, an ultra-efficient off-plan unit may be the way to go.

Aspects To Consider

Your EPC will be able to provide you with the information necessary to deduce whether the property you’re looking at is energy efficient enough to suit your needs. But what aspects of the property should you be paying especially close attention to?


The general rule is that the more modern the boiler, the more energy efficient it is. Modern boilers can burn their fuel efficiently whilst simultaneously recovering energy to heat the central heating and water. As such, you should ask the vendor, developer or selling agent for information on the boiler that is installed in any property you are interested in and determine how old it is. Boilers can be expensive to replace so make sure you also consider these potential costs if the property you’re considering has an older model fitted. If the property has a condensing boiler, you’re in luck – these are typically the most energy efficient!


An inadequately insulated property can suffer from excessive heat loss which can be detrimental to the energy efficiency of your home. Your EPC will be able to help you deduce which parts of the property many require improved insulation. Prior to placing an offer on your first home, we recommend you ask for details of the type of insulation fitted at the property: the current homeowner should be able to provide you with this information.


Lighting usage constituted 11% of the average household’s energy bill, making it an important aspect to pay close attention to when considering energy efficiency. The most energy efficient lightbulbs currently available on the market are LED’s or compact fluorescent lamps, and if you were to change all of your lightbulbs to LED’s across your home you could save up to £65 per year on your energy expenditure. LED’s are also able to change colour, be used outdoors, utilised in spotlighting or dimmable fixtures, and can even be used in crystal chandeliers – this makes them a versatile, energy efficient option.

Cracks and Draughts

Pay close attention on your next house viewing to cracks and draughts, especially in resale properties that may have experienced wear and tear over time. The occasional crack is typically nothing to worry about, however if you can fit the side of a 10p coin through the crack, you should be very wary, as these are likely more severe than superficial hairline cracks. On the same note, keep a close eye out for draughts across the property, especially around windows and fireplaces – excessive draughtiness throughout a property indicates that the property is unable to retain heat, which will likely see your energy expenditure skyrocket.

Windows and Double Glazing

Speaking of windows, it is highly recommended that you opt for a first home with double glazing. This will not only diminish draughts and retain heat, but will reduce the likelihood of condensation, mould and excessive noise pollution. You can also expect your energy bills to decrease by £235 per year if you opt for A++ double glazing to replace single glazing, making this the most energy efficient option. If you are considering buying an older property with single glazed windows, it would be wise to get a quote for upgrading these before purchasing so you are aware of any potential additional costs.

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