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9 Ways To Tell You Matter To Your Commercial Agent

When a commercial property owner is ready to come onto the market to sell or rent out their unit, they are met with an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing the best commercial agent to suit their needs. Many people opt to use large property conglomerates to list their unit, but find that their listing gets lost amongst a swamp of other, similar instructions, leading to void periods, dissatisfaction and significant downturn in profit.

At Centrick Commercial, we go out of our way not just to provide a premium service to our valued clients, but to show them that they matter to us. That’s why we’ve compiled nine things to look for to determine that you and your listing matter to your commercial agent:

Sign One: You get a visit from the Head of the Department

At large commercial property agencies, the Head of Department is a somewhat mythical being that the majority of sellers and unit owners will never encounter. That’s why local commercial agencies such as Centrick schedule time for our heads of department to visit the units we’re listing: whether it’s for your initial phone consultation, appraisal, or simply a regular catch up on your property’s performance, you’re sure to become familiar with our senior staff members.

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Sign Two: You get regular updates from your contact at your commercial agency

This leads us onto our second sign that you’re valued by your commercial agency: regular updates. There’s nothing more frustrating during the sales or leasing process than miscommunication or, even worse, no communication whatsoever. That’s why at Centrick, we stay in contact with our vendors regularly to ensure that they are kept in the loop regarding their property – that means less ambiguity, and more trust.

Sign Three: You recognise their marketing efforts

Lacklustre marketing can destroy your chances of selling or letting out your commercial unit to the right people, which is why we treat marketing with the respect it deserves. We’ll run our marketing strategy past you prior to publishing anything online, or to our database, and are always open to feedback – if you want any images re-taken, or any property descriptions amended, we’ll get it sorted prior to pushing your property live. And, if your circumstances change and you’d prefer for us to market your property away from large portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, we’re more than happy to do so!

Sign Four: They actively tried to win your instruction

A commercial agency that truly values your custom will make the effort to win your instruction. This may constitute follow-up emails and calls after your appraisal, regular check-ins and helpful advice regarding your local commercial property market – however, these follow-ups should never be harassing or pushy.

Sign Five: When you need them, they’re easy to contact

When you have a query about your property, your agency’s service, or anything else pertaining to your involvement with your commercial agent, it shouldn’t be a struggle to get in contact with the relevant member of staff. If your preferred staff member is unavailable, it should also be easy for you to talk to another member of the team who has knowledge regarding the sale or lease of your unit. Most importantly, if you request a call back from your agent, it’s vital that they should call back within the specified time period.

Sign Six: Your unit gets advertised to other businesses, as well as on public access platforms such as Rightmove

Akin to sign three in regard to marketing, it’s important that your commercial property agency advertises your property as broadly as possible in order to generate meaningful leads. Many larger commercial conglomerates only advertise their listings to their private database: at Centrick, we go one step further. We advertise on public access platforms such as Rightmove, as well as on our website which has a dedicated ‘Commercial Property’ section – this ensures that your unit is reaching as many people as possible!

Sign Seven: They actively show your unit to the people on their database

Speaking of agency databases, a commercial agent that values your custom will do their utmost to promote your unit to their existing clientele. This could pertain to calling up investors on the hunt for their next property or sending out email notifications which showcase your unit.

Sign Eight: They give you honest advice

Quite often, the advice you want to hear about the performance of your commercial property isn’t always the advice you need to hear in order to pursue a successful sale or lease. A commercial agency that truly values your custom will prioritise truthful, honest advice that achieves results over false words of encouragement that make you feel better in the short term. If your unit requires refurbishment, a price reduction, or simply isn’t ready to be marketed, you can be assured that Centrick will give you honest feedback that will yield the best long-term results.

Sign Nine: You build a professional relationship that makes you want to recommend them to others

Ultimately, valued customers truly *feel* valued by the company they have chosen. You can tell that you matter to your commercial agent if you feel as if your needs have been met, your questions have been answered, and that your property is performing to the best of its ability on the market. This may even translate into recommendations – either online or in person to friends, family or colleagues – that continue to boost the business. This is a great way of demonstrating to your agent that you value their help.


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