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Welcome to the Add Value at Home hub - helping you to understand and improve the value of your property.

Whether you’re considering selling your home in the near future, or simply want to make some changes that will positively impact your home’s value in the long-run, the Add Value At Home hub is designed for you! Our selection of resources can help you maximise the value of your home, no matter how much time, effort or money you have available. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home décor with a few simple DIY tips, want to improve your outside spaces, or are considering investing in an extension, you can make the most informed decision with the help of these resources.

Know Your Value

Why it's important to know
the value of your home

Knowing the value of your home is the first step in any property journey, whether you're looking to relocate, or want to undertake any renovations. Here's why it's so important.

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How do I know if it's worth
extending my home?

Considering extending your home, but unsure if it's necessary? Here's how you can evaluate whether an extension is right for you.

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What changes add the most
value to a home?

Should you change to open-plan living? How about adding modern décor? Or is an extension the best option? Find out which changes will add the most value to your property.

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Know Your Value – Video Roundup

Watch the video below for our tips on saving money at home, with our Birmingham Sales Manager, Luca Davis.


Top 5 DIY projects to add value
to your home

Looking for a summer project? Here are five fun DIY projects that can occupy your time whilst adding value to your home.

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Make your outdoor spaces work for you

Whether you have a small balcony or a sprawling garden, here are Centrick's tips for getting the most out of your outdoor spaces.

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Summer homes are made in the spring

Start your property renovation journey with Centrick's top tips on getting your home summer ready!

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Ask The Experts

What to look for when finding
someone to build an extension

Home extensions are significant investments that require the most expert of tradespeople to carry out - here's what you should look for when searching for someone to build an extension.

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Is now the time to buy a project house?

Considering purchasing a house that needs a bit (or a lot) of work? Here's why now is the best time to buy the project house you've been dreaming of.

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optimise floorplan
How to optimise your floorplan

Your property layout can make or break your home - here's how you can optimise your floorplan to get the most out of your space.

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UK Property Market Forecast - Reading

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Explore upcoming trends in our latest property guide. Full of interesting insights into the UK sales, lettings and new homes markets, you’ll find everything you need to make the most informed decision on your next property transaction.

After a tumultuous few years for the UK economy and property market, it’s important that you’re in the know when it comes to buying or investing in a new property. Centrick is here to guide you through your next purchase, whatever your goal is. Download the guide or talk to one of our expert team today.


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