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Summer Homes Are Made In The Spring

Considering a home and garden revamp in time for summer? Summer may still be a few months away, but summer homes are made in the spring, meaning that there’s no time like the present to get your home and garden projects underway. Here’s how you can prepare your home for the change in season, and create a summer garden that’s sure to be the envy of the neighbourhood:


If you don’t have one yet, invest in a barbeque! They are great for entertaining through al fresco dining, and a wonderful way to bring friends, family and neighbours together with good food. If well maintained, barbeques can last for many years and become a trusted piece of cooking equipment that you look forward to using year in, year out.

In preparation for the summer, give your barbeque and outdoor cooking equipment a deep clean to rid it of grease and grub that may have accumulated. You won’t need special tools to get your barbeque looking good as new – in fact, Ideal Home recommend using household staples such as white vinegar, ketchup and even beer to remove stains.

Looking for more handy cleaning tips? Check out our latest DIY blog for cleaning hacks using items you can find around the house!

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Bring The Outside In

Looking to invest in a bigger project? Bring the outside in by installing bi-fold doors to make your outside space even more accessible and blur the boundaries between garden and home. Bi-fold doors also allow an abundance of natural light to enter your property, which is particularly beneficial in spring, and their double or triple glazing maximises energy efficiency for the colder months. They truly offer year-round benefits to your home!

Similarly, invest in a conservatory to act as additional living space that makes great use of the light, bright sunshine of summer. A conservatory makes a wonderful addition to your home in the warmer weather, but can still be of great use in the colder months – many choose to use their conservatory for storage, or even as a home office if you have a hybrid or home working schedule. Better yet, conservatories add a significant value boost to your home of approximately 5%, making it a sensible long-term investment.

Get Planting

Spring is the best time to get planting to reap the rewards later on in the year. Consider planting French beans, runner beans, squash, cucumbers and pumpkin seeds this spring, as these varieties will sow well in the months running up to summer. You may even wish to visit your local garden centre this spring to search for local and in-season plants.

However, the most important piece of advice for those looking to proceed with some spring gardening is to avoid mowing your lawn too frequently. Leave your lawn to grow for two to three weeks before cutting – this will allow important pollinating species of flower such as clovers and daisies to grow, which provides vital nectar and pollen for bees and similar pollinating insects. So, if you’re not quite feeling up to mowing your lawn this weekend, don’t feel guilty – the bees will thank you!

Create A Garden Bar

Many homeowners are eagerly looking forward to enjoying a glass of their favourite cold beverage in their garden as the sun shines down on them – so much so, that some have been converting their sheds into compact bars! Bars make a fun addition to your summer garden and encourage you to spend time outdoors – whether it’s with your friends and family as an alternative to visiting your local pub, or simply on your own as you enjoy a bottle of your favourite beverage without having to leave your house.

Although you can easily purchase a garden shed bar rather than constructing it yourself, many homeowners are relishing the opportunity to get to work in their gardens this spring and ‘do it themselves’. This allows you to add your own unique twist to your bar, save some money, and learn some new DIY skills along the way.

Want to build your own garden bar? Check out this helpful guide from Wickes and you’ll be on your way to drinking Pimms in the sun in no time!

Spring Cleaning

Give your indoor spaces some TLC with an interior overhaul! Spring and summer evoke visions of light, bright and airy spaces – implement these themes across your home by making design choices that revolve around vibrant colours to bring life to your indoor spaces. Better yet, carrying out an interior design overhaul in time for summer and being proactive in opening up your space with light, bright colours can bode well if you wish to sell your property in the near future, making this a fantastic long-term investment for your home.

Not looking to redesign your entire home? Invest in seasonal cushions, throws and ornaments to bring summer joy to your interior furnishings, focusing on bright colours and patterns that reflect the beauty of the British summer. It is also worthwhile placing reed diffusers and candles across your home to bring an extra-sensory element of summer into your property: fruit, citrus and floral notes are fantastic options that take inspiration from the sights and smells of summer.

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