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What is important when selling your property?

It’s safe to say that the property market is booming at the moment, with Rightmove reporting that the average asking price has increased by £55,000 over the last two years alone. What’s more, similar reports show that it’s only taking an average of 33 days to secure a buyer, which is down from 67 days last year, making the market much more competitive and fast-paced. It’s important to ensure that your property stands out in such a strong market, which is why we’ve compiled our best advice for sellers to show what’s important for selling your property. From preparing the perfect photos for your listing to choosing a reliable agent, and knowing precisely which documents you’ll need for a swift sale: here’s what you need to know…

Picture Perfect

Firstly, we recommend doing all you can to get your property prepared for viewings and photography. In our experience, properties that are clean and presentable for photography and viewings gather far more interest than cluttered properties. This is because prospective purchasers want to be able to envision themselves in the property they are viewing, and this is difficult to do if each room is inhabited by other people’s belongings, which also obstructs viewers from seeing the property’s potential. We recommend that vendors do a few minor-touch ups throughout their property by grabbing a paintbrush and covering up any scuffs, marks, or distressed paint. This will make your home feel more put-together and shows your viewers that the property has been looked after by its current owners. Another tip for photo preparation is to make the best use of the space you have – for smaller box rooms, demonstrate that this space has utility by placing a single bed or desk in the space. This shows viewers that the room isn’t just a spare storage space, but has a tangible purpose that can increase their perceived value of your property, and bodes well for those looking for a home office in the era of hybrid working.

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Choosing Wisely

Next, we can’t stress the importance of choosing an experienced, trustworthy selling agent enough when it comes to selling your property. Choosing the right estate agent is vital for ensuring a smooth sale – we recommend looking for agencies with a strong local presence and knowledge of your area. These agents will be able to optimise the appeal of your property by showcasing all that your neighbourhood has to offer. What’s more, in such a buoyant market, we’ve seen popular properties get an abundance of offers from different viewers, which inevitably means that many of our viewers have their offers rejected, despite being ready, willing and able to go ahead with a sale. It’s more likely that a local agent will know of clients looking to purchase in your area, helping you to achieve a swifter sale by already targeting buyers who are already in the market. Try searching for agencies with offices nearby, or with boards on your street to signify that they are trusted by your neighbours – a ‘sold’ sign bodes particularly well!

Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail

Lastly, we encourage you to be as prepared as possible for every step of your sale. Selling is a daunting prospect, but thankfully it can be made so much easier by consulting your sales agent and finding out what you’ll require to expedite the process. Ensure you have all the relevant documentation regarding property title deeds and mortgages, a valid Energy Performance Certificate, and personal identification. Your chosen selling agent will also ask you for certificates like Electrical Installation Condition Reports, gas safety certificates, and FENSA certificates for any new windows and doors. These documents are essential for your sale, so having them prepared in advance will help you avoid any stumbling blocks along the way. Don’t worry if this sounds a little overwhelming! Agencies such as Centrick will be able to let you know what you need for the sale of your property, with our ARLA accredited staff being well-versed in all of the legal necessities for property exchange, and can put you in touch with the most reputable tradespeople in your area to fix any issues before selling your property.


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