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How to sell my house?

Selling your property can undoubtedly be one of the most significant financial and personal decisions you can make, as well as being notoriously protracted and stressful. Which begs the question – what is the trick to a guaranteed, stress-free sale? Whilst there is no secret formula to securing the perfect sale, there are three questions you need to ask yourself before even considering listing your property, which will ensure that you are as prepared as possible to get moving:

When is the right time?

Most estate agents will likely tell clients that “now is the best time to sell your house”, “the sooner the better” and “there’s no time like the present” in a bid to win instructions. And, in some cases, they’d be right: the right property in the right place at the right price will always generate significant demand. However, the property market does experience seasonal peaks and troughs in the same way as many other sectors, with spring and summer traditionally buoyant seasons for buying and selling property, which is well worth noting when considering listing your property for sale.

Additionally, seasonal peaks and troughs should not be the only factor impacting your decision to sell – are you personally ready for the sales process? Having a plan of action for your home move can ease any potential stress and ensure that you are ready to clear any hurdles that may appear during the process:

  • Start searching for an onward purchase, and ensure that you have back-up accommodation should your sale and purchase timelines not align
  • Consider what you’re looking for in your new home – are you looking for more space for your growing family, or are you hoping to find an apartment with an abundance of convenient amenities?
  • Source a solicitor to act on your behalf, and ensure that they are responsive, reliable and recommended by other sellers

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Who do I sell my house with?

Now you have concluded that you are ready to get your property listed, it is time to find the ideal estate agent to suit your needs. Your chances of ensuring a sale are amplified greatly if you can source a sales progressor who is both informed and well-connected, which will streamline the process for all parties involved.

Consider looking for an agency with award-winning status or Propertymark accreditation. ARLA and NAEA qualifications. Although not formally required for the functioning of a successful estate agency, formal qualifications and accreditations indicate that your port of call during the sale of your property is knowledgeable and certified. Beyond PropertyMark qualifications, here are a few additional features to look out for that indicate your agency has the experience and knowledge necessary to sell your home:

  • Bilingual Staff: many agencies now offer linguistically diverse staff as a means of directly approaching foreign investors or individuals looking for their first home in Britain. Staff with broader language capabilities truly open up your sale to an often disregarded multitude whilst simultaneously offering enhanced communication and ease between estate agent and purchaser.  Centrick client Chang explained that the ability of Centrick staff to speak multiple languages “assisted me through the process” despite “many cultural differences” – and it’s this personable touch between you and your chosen estate agent that can make the difference between a smooth sale and a difficult one.
  • Connections: linguistically varied staff count for little without the connections to share your property with. Ask your agency if they have any valuable connections – buy-to-let landlords, foreign investors, purchasers who have recently had a sale fall through – which could increase your chances of ensuring a sale. A good database of already registered applicants for your type of property could see you reach SSTC status even before your property hit the market.
  • A proven track record: have a conversation with your negotiator about their previous successes: do they have experience in successfully selling properties of the same size and format as yours? Are they familiar with your street and/or postcode?
  • Testimonials: reviews are a crucial means of understanding whether an estate agent is suitable for you. They can clarify how personable, responsive and experienced your chosen estate agents are from the perspective of people in a similar situation to yourself. Seller Caroline explained that Centrick “quickly found us a buyer in a difficult market at the start of the year”, providing encouragement for those anticipating a more difficult sale.

How do I optimise my marketing?

Now you’ve sourced the best estate agent for your needs, it is crucial that your home reaches the best purchaser – marketing is the key to ensuring that the chances of finding the correct buyer are as optimised as possible. Your agency should be able to provide, harness and master all of the tools to make your property look its best and generate an influx of leads, with one resulting in a successful sale.

Twenty-first-century marketing expands beyond generic property descriptions and small, obscured window cards. The evolution of modern sales with virtual tour technology enhances the reach of your sale beyond traditionally local borders. However, it also means that the market becomes much more competitive, with low-quality digital content simply not appealing to the average purchaser. Therefore, vendors should be looking for agencies with broad marketing capabilities – how many property portals are they active on, and how many views do their properties get? Do their “For Sale” boards stand out on a busy road, and do they have a clear call to action?

Ask your agency if they can recommend a property staging service for your empty rooms so that potential purchasers can mentally place themselves within your property. Request virtual-tour services for overseas clients and delve into an agency’s existing listings to gauge the quality of their photography. In short, ensure that your agency has the capability to get your home seen, and in the best light, to secure a ready, willing and able purchaser.

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