WEBINAR: Are you a compliant landlord?

Discover everything you need to know about the ever-changing legislation in the UK rental market, so that you can stay compliant, be prepared for the future and keep your tenants happy.

Thursday 5th October 2023 | 11am (BST)

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Are you a compliant landlord?

Compliance might not seem like the most exciting topic, but if you’re a landlord or are considering kick-starting your portfolio in the near future, you’ll understand the importance of being compliant in order to avoid future issues arising and to keep your tenants happy. After all, what’s a rental property without a tenant?!

The UK rental market has evolved significantly over recent years, and with this, so have legislation and requirements. The Renters Reform Bill is set to transform the landscape for  both landlords and tenants, Selective Licensing is being introduced in various cities across the UK and the focus on sustainability is becoming more important than ever.

Join us on Thursday 5th October at 11am to hear expert opinions and guidance on landlord compliance, as we delve into the changing face of the UK rental market.

You’ll hear from our expert lettings team, along with industry professionals who will be sharing their hints and tips to help make compliance a breeze.

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Andy Butts

New Homes and Investments Director