How We Work With In-House Land Agents

No matter what stage you are at in your land journey, our industry contacts, unrivalled knowledge and expert tools are able to unleash the true potential of your land.

Centrick’s experienced Land team are here to help you make a success of your acquisition, sale or development. Our in-house team offers comprehensive land consultation services for those looking to purchase, sell or develop land. Our team of seasoned land acquisition experts are able to pinpoint exceptional development opportunities and guide our clients to ensure that they achieve the maximum value for their asset.

How We Work With In-House Land Agents

Since 2005, the Centrick team have been a mainstay in the Midlands property industry. Fast forward almost two decades, and we have a strong, trusted presence across the UK, with the Centrick name being associated with trust, innovation, and visionary thinking.

How We Work With In-House Land Agents

Our clients benefit from our broad expertise that spans across commercial and residential, land and new homes, building and estate management, sales and lettings. Whatever your property query may be, and whatever avenue you want to take, Centrick have a service for you.

How We Work With In-House Land Agents

No matter what stage you are at in your land journey, our experts can add value. Whether you need help creating a development strategy, require in-depth market analysis, or want to talk about your site's potential, Centrick's Land team have the valuable insights to push your project in the right direction.

Centrick’s In-House Land Team Help With…

How We Work With In-House Land Agents

Guided Land Strategy

It is vital to gain advice at the earliest stage possible when it comes to purchasing, developing, and selling land. Not only does this help you maximise the potential of your land, but in a challenging market it is very important to run a stress test during the acquisition process to make sure there can be multiple exits to safeguard returns in the long run. At Centrick, our land agents are here to assist our clients in their research, advising them on different sites, opportunities, strategy and making sure that deals are worthwhile.

How We Work With In-House Land Agents

Understanding A Site’s True Potential

When you’re considering a site, especially when so many cross the desk every week, it can be challenging to ensure that all development angles are considered and returns fully scoped to support any funding requirements.

From initial scoping works to honing your budget, timescale and goals in the current market context we use both our proprietary data alongside the latest aggregated market statistics and market testing to help you deliver on your land goals and into profitable development. 

How We Work With In-House Land Agents

Area and Local Market Analysis

With national statistics and market trends at our disposal we use the most up to date research tools to help our clients make informed, well-balanced decisions across land acquisition, development, sale and disposal.

With over 26500 homes managed across the UK we also draw on our considerable in-house data to help you deliver.



How We Work With In-House Land Agents

Multiple Exits Under One Roof

At Centrick, with over 250 team members, we bring a variety of property disciplines to the table, helping you to consider the same development opportunities in a variety of different ways. From domestic sales to international investor led disposal, bulk sales or portfolio investments to hold positions under Portfolio Asset Management or Build to Rent we ensure that our clients maximise their assets in a turbulent market. 

How We Work With In-House Land Agents

A Network you can Trust

From solicitors to architects, planners to contractors – Centrick’s land agents has built a range of trusted contacts throughout the industry. Our connections are available at all stages of the development process, and you can be rest assured that we will only recommend contacts that have performed exceptional work for us and our clients in the past.

How We Work With In-House Land Agents

Site Sourcing And Working With Other Agents

At Centrick, we work hard with developers and land agents to ensure your land project is a success, which is why we are work with other parties at your request to help you get a head start on any on or off market opportunities. With off market opportunities across our desks daily and a broad contact network of both investor and developer clients we’re here to bring sales together, quickly and securely. 

How We Work With In-House Land Agents

Proactive Campaigns To Find Your Next Site

Using the best in research tech and our extensive contact base we customise land search that meets specific developer and land agents requirements by location and size. This helps our clients narrow down the suitable opportunities available to them, and can help them with making the relevant approaches in order for them to start dialogue with land owners.

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