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What To Look For In A New Homes Agent

Last year saw 5600 new estate agencies pop up in the UK alone, meaning that identifying the right agent to list your new home development can be a difficult decision. You will need to determine which New Homes agent has the best chance of selling or renting out your properties quickly and seamlessly, by employing effective marketing, sales and customer service strategies. That’s why Centrick have put together our list of the top things to look for in a New Homes agent to help you choose the most effective new homes agent for your development.

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When searching for a New Homes agent, you want to ensure that your property is in capable hands by researching the experience of your chosen agency. Ask any New Homes agencies that you are considering about what upcoming developments they’ll be listing, as well as looking at their existing instructions. It’s also important to see whether your chosen agency has experience dealing with developments or units akin to yours – choosing an agency that is only astute in small-scale residential re-sales may not be appropriate for your large-scale New Home development. Centrick are proud to have been instructed on a plethora of multi-million pound developments recently, with our current listings ranging from countryside barn-style units, to large-scale luxury developments in Birmingham City Centre. With such a range of experience, we’re sure to have the skills to help you optimise your asset value and secure tenants and purchasers for your New Build development.


Experience and knowledge come hand in hand, with both being equally important traits to search for in a New Homes agent. Overcoming any potential obstacles when selling or letting your units requires an in-depth understanding of the property landscape, current trends, and regulations. Considering the breadth of knowledge required to instruct, sell and manage New Homes units, it is helpful for the agency of your choice to have access to expertise within their own companies, which is one of the reasons Centrick is so successful. Our team’s knowledge of the buyer journey, from initial viewing to completion, allows us to streamline often complex processes and expedite results for both buyers and sellers. Paired with our knowledge of the local area, recent trends, and what tenants and purchasers want, Centrick are able to optimise the appeal and value of developments. We are dedicated to actively uploading blog posts (like this one!) on local trends, insights and of course area overviews.  Keeping our new homes clients and potential home owners informed and able to make the best choices and to give our clients valuable insight into the status of the New Homes market.


Most developers will search for a New Homes agent with a good reputation both within the property industry and amongst their peers, that will be able to attract new buyers and engage with their existing databases to get new developments sold quickly. Success is built upon trust, with many of our instructions coming from returning clients or those who have been referred to us. The most tangible way of establishing that your chosen new homes agency is trustworthy is by looking at their accreditations – this verifies that you will be entrusting your assets to a reputable company. Centrick are proud to be an accredited New Homes agent– with ARLA and NAEA qualified staff and Safe Agent status, our reputation is something we are proud of. With a range of clients across sales, lettings, commercial and new homes leaving us glowing testimonials, you can be sure that your developments are in safe hands with our expert team.


Lastly, it is vital that you pay attention to the extent to which your chosen New Homes agent markets their developments. This goes further than merely marketing units on Rightmove or Zoopla, with dedicated New Homes agents going above and beyond to make their properties stand out in a crowded market. With the nature of property advertising being so visual, it is imperative for you to look at your chosen New Homes agent’s image quality. In today’s digital age, high-resolution images are standard in property listings, with anything less than this being potentially off-putting to any potential clients. Scour your agent’s listings to see if they are producing images that convey their (and your) properties in their best possible form, and put yourself in your clients’ shoes – would you find this advertisement appealing? Additionally, investigate the social media output of your chosen agent. This extends beyond your agent merely being active on social media – do you think their messaging is designed to effectively reach potential purchasers and tenants? Is their content engaging, and encouraging for those with or without extensive property experience? Do they consistently promote New Homes content, and consider new and existing trends? Centrick’s growing New Homes team take marketing seriously – we dedicate ourselves to promoting your units in the best possible light, with a multi-channel online and offline strategy, targeted advertising and strong digital campaigns to generate sales.


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