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What amenities does the modern buyer expect?

Although resale properties can hold the charm and character we adore in older builds, New Builds are becoming the first choice for many homeowners and movers. Typically occupying convenient plots close to sought-after amenities, new facilities and key commuter routes, New Homes make fantastic bases for a spectrum of both rental tenants and purchasers: from first-time buyers to families. However, the core of their appeal, especially in city locations, comes in the form of their amenities – from concierges to pet-sitters, gyms to cafés, and cinemas to executive lounges. The ability of residents and their guests to simply walk a few yards and grab a coffee, have a swim, and collect their horde of Amazon parcels without leaving the building is the epitome of modern, convenient city living.

Centrick New Homes

Here at Centrick, our teams across Sales and Lettings, BTR and Building and Estate Management have extensive experience and know precisely what tenants want – so if you’re on the look-out for a new pad, or perhaps a new addition to your buy-to-let portfolio, here are three must-have’s that residents look for in New Build developments:

Convenient Lifestyle

Fresh from the memory of COVID, the last two years have highlighted beyond doubt the importance of connectivity and convenience in a world beyond social distancing. Being confined to our homes created a stressful home life, which has been eased for many by the steps taken by developers to create more integrated living in a post-pandemic world. On-site amenities and services offer optimal convenience for residents and contribute to a sense of community which has become increasingly important since lockdown lifted. SevenCapital’s recent Broad Street development, St Martin’s Place, is a wonderful example of convenience and luxury combining to elevate residents’ standard of living. Their integration of hotel services from the adjacent Park Regis hotel, paired with a private Wi-Fi lounge, on-site gym and a state-of-the-art cinema provides something for everyone. Developers are taking the convenience of New Builds so seriously that the NEC City – a comprehensive masterplan pending approval in Solihull – is hoping to include an on-site primary school catering for a new, almost unheard audience. It is also superbly placed for the HS2 station, Birmingham Interchange, which would place residents a mere hour away from London.

Residential amenities offer a taste of luxury living at a more affordable price, but their appeal surpasses the façade of suave living. In the post-covid age, where home working is becoming more standardised, on-site assistance is a popular choice – from helping you bring your piles of unnecessary Amazon parcels to your apartment, to helping you fix your appliances, they have become many residents’ handy best friend.

Wellbeing at Home

Health trends are more popular than ever, especially in the aftermath of COVID where self-care is at the forefront of our minds. Whether taking care of yourself takes the form of a restful cinema break, a wellbeing class, or an hour in the gym, New Builds are broadening their range of facilities to appeal to a plethora of healthy lifestyle activities. Research conducted by Savills discovered that “provision of wellness amenities across branded residential schemes is robust and growing”. Facilities such as swimming pools, spas and community classes ranked as the second most desirable amenity in New Build developments, with only high-speed internet being deemed more important. This is a clear signal to developers to make wellness amenities a necessity rather than a luxury as a means of standing out in the New Build market.

There is no better example of this than Moda Living’s developments, with their latest venture into Birmingham clearly expounding the benefits of wellbeing practices being integrated into your home space. For those hoping to flex their athletic muscles, their exercise facilities are fit for a Commonwealth Games athlete and don’t require the lengthy trek to your nearest gymnasium. Their 200-metre open-air running track exemplifies the steps that developers are now taking to make their properties stand out in the market, with health and wellbeing activities being at the forefront of their campaigns. Developers can also rest easy knowing that actively pursuing wellbeing facilities in New Builds can provide up to 15% value on the upper end of the market, which is great news for purchasers concerned by long-term value retention.

Tech Meets Sustainability

Many developers are beginning to integrate ‘Smart Home’ equipment into their New Builds as a means of both reducing their environmental impact and ensuring that residents are equipped with the latest tech to boost their living standards. Nottingham’s Island Quarter is a fascinating example of sustainable development, which boasts innovative green spaces which enliven the community, and is situated upon the city’s main canal, harnessing nature and placing it at the core of the development. The developer, Conygar, even has a dedicated Sustainability Committee to ensure that their communities adhere to their strict environmental guidelines. As close-knit communities such as the Island Quarter and NEC City begin to integrate shops, restaurants and other commercial spaces into their masterplans, the need for fuel-guzzling vehicles is lessened, reducing the carbon footprint of residents. Considering that over three-quarters of Brits are concerned by the state of our environment, this is certainly something that more tenants and purchasers are weighing up before upping sticks.

The addition of Smart Home features are already commonplace in many of our own houses – think about your energy Smart Meters – but newer constructions are looking to integrate these features into the bricks and mortar of the home. One of Birmingham’s most recent developments Snow Hill Wharf offers rainwater harvesting and energy efficient appliances and lighting as standard as part of their sustainability pledge. Furthermore, the government now insist that all New Homes with parking facilities have electric vehicle charging stations, demonstrating that the concept of the ‘Smart Home’ is far from a fleeting trend. The ability of newer constructions to offer these sought-after and often expensive pieces of equipment to make life at home simpler through automation at no extra cost is yet another reason why many tenants and purchasers look to New Homes.

Centrick’s Land and New Homes team support developers to create the next generation of amenity rich, desirable homes to learn more about amenities that will add long-term value to your New Home development get in touch today.

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