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How To Get Your Home World Cup Ready

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be going all-out for the 2022 World Cup: after all, it only comes round once every four years, so you best believe we’re making the most of it here at Centrick! So whilst we decorate our offices with flags and bunting, we thought we’d run you through the best ways to get your home World Cup ready so that your abode looks spectacularly styled in time for kick off!

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Grab A Big Screen

Imagine this… you’ve got the snacks ready. Your friends and family are gathered round in anticipation of the game. You’re all in your team colours. But you don’t have a television to watch the game on! A sufficiently large, high-quality screen is a necessity when it comes to viewing the World Cup in all its glory, and what better time for an upgrade?

Investing in a new television can even help you organise your living space better – if you purchase a larger screen, or even a sound-system, this can encourage you to assess your furniture layout and make the most out of your space. For example, the purchase of a flat screen television that can be wall-mounted makes much better use of your space than a corner set-up that eats away at space and makes your room appear smaller.

If you’re streaming the games to your big screen, it is also recommended that you test your internet connection prior to kick-off to ensure that you aren’t left with a lagging connection at the most pivotal points in the game. You can check your internet speed using an online speed test, just make sure you do so well in advance of the game!

Deck The Halls With Flags and Bunting

Some may say that it is too early to put up your Christmas decorations, so fill the void with World Cup decorations instead! Adorn your home with flags and bunting in preparation for the competition – it can be a great way to get your entire family involved in something creative to build up anticipation for kick off.

What’s more, hanging up decorations encourages us to consider the orderliness of our homes, and can help us plan potential areas for home improvement, especially if we’re welcoming guests into your home over the World Cup and festive periods. After all, we want our homes to look as impressive and well-maintained as possible to make our guests feel comfortable, and keep on top of any potential maintenance issues that could damage the value of our homes. So, when you’re hanging up your national flag, keep an eye out for cracks, damp and disrepair!

Food and Drink

Your World Cup party wouldn’t be complete without an enviable spread of snacks and beverages to consume throughout the game! You certainly don’t want to be left hungry when the game kicks off, or miss the action as you whip up a quick meal. Creating an easily accessible spread of food and drink makes it easy for friends and family to quickly visit your kitchen, grab a plate, and come back to watch the game. It’s also a fantastic reason to clear up your kitchen or dining room to make enough space for visitors. Even better, you’ll save yourself the hassle of clearing space for Christmas dinner – don’t let your visitors be caught offside, make sure there is plenty of space to enjoy the World Cup!

Practice Your Skills

Hoping to get in on the action yourself? If you have a garden or access to a green space near your home, grab a football and get playing! This is also the perfect excuse to spruce up your yard – after all, what better reason than to scrub up on your skills?

Cut your lawn, remove weeds, and trim hedges to ensure you have the perfect pitch for playing. Remove any unwanted garden furniture to clear as much space as possible for your game and repair any fence panelling to avoid potential damage to your neighbour’s garden – we’re sure they wouldn’t be too impressed if a goal gets scored through their garden! Lastly, set up a seating area for friends and family to watch: this creates the perfect area for socialising and grabbing some fresh air at half time.

Better yet, a well maintained garden also does wonders for your house value, with some suggesting that it can boost the value of your property by up to 20% and even contribute to a speedier sale. Even if you’re not set on selling your home in the near future, having a wonderful garden to relax in year-round allows you to make the most of your home.

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