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Home Efficiency Innovations For 2023

We’ve already come so far in creating viable renewable energy sources that make our homes more energy efficient – but what other technological innovations can we expect in the coming year? In this piece, we’ll be looking at four pioneering home efficiency innovations for 2023 and beyond to evaluate which of them are worth implementing into our homes, and why:

Hybrid Energy Sources

You’ve heard of hybrid cars, now get ready for 2023’s most promising energy advancement – hybrid renewable energy systems!

Heat pumps are a great example of a hybrid energy source, with many heat pumps being used alongside gas or oil boilers that can ‘kick in’ and take over when the original heat pump is not efficient or effective enough to produce. When it kicks in the heat pump will draw in heat from outside and bring it into your home, and this method guarantees that the most energy efficient option of the two is being utilised at any given moment.

Hybrid solar heat pumps are also on our radar and aim to combat the difficulties heat pumps have in adverse weather conditions. Hybrid heat pumps use the benefits of solar power to heat a solar thermal collector which heats the air before it enters the pump, thereby ensuring consistent and stable temperatures for the optimal energy efficient running of your pump.

These are exciting home efficiency innovations that take the guess work out of understanding your energy efficiency by automatically choosing the most viable option. Better yet, if you think a heat pump is the best option for your home, you can apply for a government grant through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to help you mitigate the challenging upfront costs of installation, making these home efficiency innovations more broadly accessible.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are nothing new, but the University of York is at the forefront of innovation for solar panels that could make them more readily available, as well as more effective. Expect to see solar panels that are ten times thinner than current models, lighter, more flexible, and easy enough to be fitted to any home, as well as having increased ability to absorb light and convert it to energy. There are even some solar panel innovations that create a ‘hairy’ look by implementing nanotechnology that increases panel surface area, allowing for greater solar energy absorption.

If you think solar panels are right for your property, VAT on them has been scrapped until 2027 and you are also able to make money by selling unused power back to the grid, making them a fantastic option for long-term savings.

Water Recycling

If your water bills are creeping up, the cutting edge Hydraloop system should be on your radar. This water recycling technology cleans and disinfects used water and allows it to be repurposed across your home. Your old bathwater could be used to water your garden, and your old washing machine water could be used to flush your toilet. This is a particularly important as droughts become more commonplace in Britain, with water repurposing being a good way to reduce water waste on a large scale and mitigate potential issues caused by drought.

In fact, this technology is so promising that it’s even been featured in a Netflix documentary starring Matt Damon and Liam Neeson entitled ‘Brave Blue World’. At the moment, water recycling for domestic properties is only just gaining traction, but it is becoming a popular innovation in farming and agriculture where gallons of water are used every day. We definitely recommend keeping an eye on this innovation in the future, as it will be a fantastic addition to many households hoping to boost their water efficiency.

Smarter Fridges

The latest innovation in cooling equipment is magnetocaloric refrigerators, which use the routine altering of magnetic fields in order to maintain cooler temperatures. This is a vast departure from the current modes of cooling your food items, which relies on vapour compression and is far more costly both in terms of carbon emissions and energy expenditure. Better yet, magnetocaloric refrigerators are also deemed safer for the environment thanks to their innovative cooling technology, making these a particularly impressive eco-friendly option that also boosts the energy efficiency of your home.

Beyond saving you energy when it comes to running your fridge, these refrigerator innovations should also be able to help your food last for longer, allowing you to waste less produce and spend less money on your weekly shop.

Ready For The Future Of Home Efficiency?

The property industry is moving quickly, with the aforementioned new home efficiency innovations already taking their place in our homes and in new build property plans. This bodes exceptionally well for the future of the property industry, with each new home efficiency innovation bringing more opportunities for us to reduce our energy consumption on a daily basis. This is particularly promising in the existing cost of living crisis, where homeowners and renters are searching for every means to reduce their energy bills and make their money go further with well-informed choices.

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