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Centrick Uncovered – Behind The Scenes Of Fire Safety And Compliance

This week, we joined our Associate Director for Building Safety, James Capper, as he takes us through a regular day handling all things Fire Safety, Compliance and Resident Engagement. You can find our Behind The Scenes shoot with James below, but for more information on how James and the team navigate the Fire Safety and Compliance landscape, keep reading…

Fire Safety And Compliance In 2023 And Beyond?

But what precisely is Fire Safety and Compliance all about, and why is it so important? Fire Safety and Compliance are crucial when it comes to the management of any development, and it is more important than ever to take heed of these facets of building management after the events of Grenfell in 2017. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has for a long time already informed responsible persons about what they need to do to provide suitable levels of fire safety. However, this next phase focuses on providing comprehensive building information and a collaborative approach between stakeholders, the Building Safety Regulator and Local Fire & Rescue Services.

From the new Building Safety Act 2022 to regulate high-rise buildings, to the pilot of the Cladding Safety Scheme and the Waking Watch Replacement Fund – there are an abundance of new updates and regulations when it comes to Fire Safety and Compliance that impact the lives and homes of millions across the UK. Here are just a few of the points James covers in Centrick Uncovered…

Resident Engagement

Fire safety hinges on collaboration – without all involved tenants, leaseholders, owners and building managers being on the same page, an effective Fire Safety strategy simply won’t work. This is why resident meetings such as the one James leads in Centrick Uncovered are so critical for ensuring all parties are on the same page, have opportunities to ask questions, and can collaboratively work towards improving fire safety across the relevant building.

Cladding Remediation

We explore how the Centrick team are enabling large scale cladding remediation and FRAEW (Fire Risk Appraisal Of External Walls) and working closely within the Building Safety Fund, as well as discussing and how pledged developers are practically taking steps with owners, leaseholders and building managers within high rise buildings.

Fire Safety Day-to-Day

We follow James as he conducts routine checks of key equipment and fixtures across our developments, meets with building safety regulators and fire & rescue professionals, and explains where to find crucial site information. James demonstrates the lengths your Fire Safety and Compliance partner should be going to for your development and its residents.

Why Choose Centrick?

Since the introduction of the Building Safety Act, James and his team have been incredibly busy ensuring that our buildings meet the appropriate standards. Our experience and growing accreditations list enable Centrick to remain one step ahead of the ever-changing fire safety and cladding landscape, ensuring our clients are forewarned, prepared and proactively able to face compliance changes.

For Freeholders, RMC directors, owners and property managers grappling with ongoing Fire Safety, Cladding, Compliance and Regulatory changes, our dedicated Building Safety Team is here to provide support with a business-wide offering. For more information on Fire Safety and Cladding, download our comprehensive guide below or get in touch with the team.

Download Guide - Fire Safety And Cladding Remediation

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