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A Summer Like No Other – Why Sunny Property Photography Is A Dealbreaker

Looking to sell your home before we bid adieu to 2023? Summer is the perfect time to get your home listed and take advantage of all the perks of selling in the sunshine.

The Value Of Premium Property Photography

When scouring the internet for properties, our first impression is heavily influenced by photography. This can be the determining factor between clicking on a property listing and booking a viewing, and simply scrolling past in search of a more suitable home. In fact, 61% of real estate brokers state that high quality photography is crucial when it comes to selling success. Research also indicates that home buyers spend just 20% of time reading property particulars compared to 60% browsing property photos. Needless to say, nailing your property photography is paramount to a speedy sale that achieves the value you’re looking for.

Blue Sky, Better Sales

There’s a reason why many property photographers offer editing work to enliven photos of homes taken on dull, overcast days – because blue skies mean better sales! And with 80% of viewers paying the most attention to the first image on your listing, it is vital to make that initial external shot as appealing as possible. 

It’s safe to say that most people prefer the sunshine to the classic rainy, drizzly weather that our nation has become so accustomed to. After all, summer is the nation’s favourite season, with 51% of Brits claiming that nothing quite compares to the summer sunshine. So, if you’re hoping to get your home listed, we recommend waiting until we are graced with the glorious British sunshine. Not only will this save you on photo edits to superimpose sunshine onto your images, but this beautiful natural light will undoubtedly appeal to your viewers thanks to the wonderful connotations of the beloved British summertime.

Sunny Staging

High quality property photography shows your unit in the best possible light, thereby justifying its listing value and encouraging prospective purchasers to imagine themselves in that space. However, you can amplify the value of your photography by investing in property staging services. This can constitute digital edits of your home to add in features and furnishings to empty rooms, or physical staging where sellers hire furniture from a staging company for photos and viewings. A good staging service can boost the appeal of your listing significantly, with staged properties spending 73% less time on the market, making this a fantastic investment for those wanting a quick sale.

When it comes to staging your property, you can do no better than staging your home in summer. Natural light truly brings the best out of your home, and creates a bright, homely atmosphere that makes your viewers feel welcome. This isn’t to mention the benefits that summer staging can have on your outdoor space. Summertime truly showcases the outside of your home and its capacity to host family events. By adding some patio chairs and a barbeque, you can convey to your buyer that your home is ready to be enjoyed in the sunshine, and is the perfect space to make memories with your loved ones. Be sure to add plants and foliage too in order to enhance the sunny, summer feel of your garden whilst simultaneously indicating to your viewer that your home is well taken care of. 

Adding furniture to your outdoor space also allows your viewers to contextualise – they can better imagine themselves interacting with your space, and can better appreciate the available square footage of your home. The same can be said for indoor staging. This provides viewers with a greater sense of perspective regarding how their furniture, possessions and lifestyle would fit into your home.

Boosting Video Appeal

Photography isn’t the only thing that can be made more appealing in the summer sunshine. Videos of your property, including virtual tours and walk throughs, can be drastically improved by taking place in better weather. This not only eliminates pesky sounds of wind and rain during your walkthroughs, but can undoubtedly make your garden and outdoor spaces look far more appealing. After all, video walkthroughs for property listings can boost enquiries by up to 403% by creating a truly immersive experience – you may as well wait for a glorious sunny day to enhance the appeal of your home further!

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Explore The Secrets Of Summer Selling

Looking to sell your home in the near future? There is simply no better time to do so than in the summer! With the benefits of the glorious British sunshine, the buoyancy of the summer market, and the added benefit of being moved in by the Festive Season – there are plenty of incentives to get moving this summer! 

For more information on selling this season, explore our Secrets of Summer Selling hub for all of the latest information and guidance, or simply complete the form below to talk to a member of the Centrick team. We’d love to help you on your property journey this summer!

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