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Understanding Land Development For The Future

Here at Centrick, we assist hundreds of clients across our business – whether it’s providing guidance on the best places to invest, providing consultancy services for developers, or marketing the latest New Builds. However, when it comes to our land development consultancy services, we often encounter the same queries from our clients.

Where should I build my next development?

What will the tenants of the future want?

How do I maximise returns on my development?

What regulations do I need to be aware of?

In order to provide those who wish to buy, sell and develop land across the UK with the guidance they need, we created the Land – How To Buy It, How To Sell It, How To Develop It guide. The guide covers in detail the existing state of the land and development market across the UK so that existing and prospective investors and developers can develop land smartly and effectively. 

New Homes and Investments Director Andy Butts remarked:

“It’s evident that the property landscape across the UK is undergoing significant changes. More than ever, property developers need to stay abreast of evolving demands in order to offer the best possible solutions. However, we understand that addressing these challenges is easier said than done, with many developers wondering where is best to purchase land, what regulations they must consider, and what types of properties to construct. The objective of this guide is to aid developers in addressing these inquiries, facilitating outstanding returns and delivering top-tier properties for present and future generations.”

Land Development For The Future

The UK is facing a housing shortage of approximately 4.3 million homes according to the Centre For Cities, which the government has been seeking to address in a number of ways, from Brownfield programs and funding, attempts to support the mortgage market and providing housebuilding targets of 300,000 new homes per year. However, due to a multitude of factors, this target has not been met since it was announced in 2019: the cost of building materials has increased, the Coronavirus pandemic put many projects on hold, and a large backlog of developments is only now beginning to ease with pressures on the planning system and funding opportunities. 

This has left many developers, investment funds, BTR operators and land development companies reconsidering how they can provide the developments of the future in a way that not only generates the commercial returns they desire, but can effectively meet the needs of the UK’s growing population and advancing residential property needs, which is precisely what the Land guide aims to provide clarity on. 

Inside the guide – which is free to download via the form at the bottom of this page – you will find expert opinions on the state of the current UK housing market and the need for new developments, the challenges faced by those constructing properties for the future, and exclusive insights into what constructions are needed and where across the country. Furthermore, you can find valuable insights into the rules and regulations surrounding the construction of new residential properties so that you can remain as compliant as possible, as well as a deep-dive into the value of permitted developments and change of use cases for creating the homes of the future.

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Here at Centrick Land, Invest, New Homes we’re committed to creating exceptional returns for our clients and their customers. whilst setting into motion the construction of developments that will transform the future of the UK residential property landscape. We help national and international clients with comprehensive, end-to-end consultancy services at every stage of the land and development journey, from land sourcing, acquisition and disposal to ERV and value analysis through to sales, lettings, building management and BTR management.  

For more information on Centrick’s Land and Developer services, find out more here. Alternatively, fill out the form below to download the Land – How To Buy It, How To Sell It, How To Develop It guide and gain access to our exclusive insights.

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