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How To Sell Your Home Fast This Summer

In a rush to sell your home fast this summer? Whether you’re part of a chain, want to be settled into your new home by Christmas, or simply don’t want to waste unnecessary time waiting for your home to sell, there are plenty of ways to give your property a nudge forward in the selling process.

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Preparation Is Paramount

Placing your property on the market can feel like a big decision, even if you’ve already set your sights on your next move – and listing your property without the necessary preparation can be very detrimental to your sale, and can leave your property stuck on the market for far longer than it should be. The first two weeks of listing, often called the “golden weeks”, are the most important, which is why your property should be ready for photography and viewings as soon as possible. This means that you will likely have to clean and declutter your entire property to make it as appealing as possible. In some cases, you may wish to hire a professional cleaner to get rid of any ingrained stains in your carpets or soft furnishings, and to remove any pervasive pet smells that could leave your viewers feeling put off.

If you have outdoor spaces, you’ll want to ensure these are also in tip top condition. Try to reflect the joy that prospective buyers could feel should they buy your property by taking photos on sunny summer days, and by staging your garden with furniture and appliances ready to be enjoyed in the summer sunshine. Dust off your barbeque, set up a space for alfresco dining, and add a few colourful plants to truly show off the potential of your summer haven.

Sort Your Documentation

However, preparation does not always constitute dusting off your summer appliances and furnishings. You should also have all of the relevant documentation to hand to ensure that you can list and sell your property as quickly as possible. Here are the key documents you need to have available to you in order to avoid unnecessary delays and sell your home fast this summer:

  • Proof of identity and address
  • An Energy Performance Certificate
  • FENSA or CERTAS window certificates
  • Evidence of gas and electricity checks
  • HM Land Registry title documentation
  • Leasehold documents (if required)
  • New build warrant documents (if required)
  • Evidence of acquired planning permission (if required)

Choose The Best Estate Agent

Although some sellers choose to undertake the duty of selling their home upon themselves, the help of a local, professional and proven residential estate agent can be invaluable, especially if you want to sell your home fast this summer. 

Estate agents can expedite your property sale in a number of ways: they will most likely have a list of contacts that they have established a rapport with, some of whom will be on the hunt for properties such as yours. This can shortcut the entire sales process considerably, even in some cases creating valuable offers before you’ve hit the market. Some buyers will be looking for a property to purchase in order to expedite the sale of their home before summer ends, needing a new home to move into before the sale of their existing property completes.

Whether they are portfolio investors looking for the next best buy-to-let opportunity, or first-time buyers who recently narrowly missed out on securing their dream property, your estate agent will know exactly who your property will appeal to, and will be able to contact them to help you find a buyer more quickly. What’s more, local and reputable estate agents will be trusted by buyers, and their offices and websites will likely occupy a prime location to increase the visibility of your property advert. So, whether your purchaser is browsing the depths of Rightmove or Zoopla, or happens to be passing by their local high street estate agent window, your property will be front and centre. This should help you find a buyer before summer comes to an end.

Know Your Value

You can give your property a glorious makeover, list it with the best local estate agent, and have all of the relevant documentation at your disposal – but none of this will mean anything if you list your property at the wrong price. After all, when purchasers are browsing for homes or investment properties, they will typically start by filtering their search by price so as to avoid seeing inappropriate property listings that do not adhere to their budget. Listing your property for the right price is a difficult task: the property market is an ever-changing and constantly evolving entity that sees demand and prices fluctuate over time. With Zoopla’s research indicating that the largest number of properties came under offer in August, it is evident that buyers are flocking to property portals during the summer holidays when they have downtime. It is vital that your home is listed, and for the appropriate price, to catch the eye of these eager buyers.

Understanding The Summer Property Market

What’s more, the value of your home can be impacted by local or national government policy, nearby events and amenities, and the state of the broader economy. As a seller, it can be difficult to keep an eye on all of these moving parts and understand what your property value is, which is why the assistance of an estate agent is so invaluable when determining the value of your property. It’s worth noting too that property prices are all relevant, for example if you’re seeing a £10,000 uplift or downshift in the price of your property it’s likely that your onward purchase will also be seeing the same proportionate growth or decrease too so be sure to consider headline figures in this context.

If you list your home for too much, purchasers will feel as if they are not getting good value for money for your property, and it may be out of many prospective purchaser’s price range, which can immediately be off putting to buyers. On the other hand, if you list your property for too little, sellers may err on the side of caution and avoid viewing your property altogether as your listing seems suspiciously cheap compared to other units on the market. What’s more, you will likely end up regretting selling your home for such a low price, and may feel compelled to pull your home from the market to re-evaluate its value. Either way, if you list your property for the incorrect value, you surely won’t be able to secure a speedy sale by the time summer ends.

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Ready For A Speedy Sale This Summer?

At Centrick, we’ve been selling properties for 19 years, and understand precisely what makes the market tick. Property trends and prices alter with each month and season, but our team of residential experts are always on hand to ensure that you market your home in the best way for the season. 

Whether you’re looking for an accurate valuation, advice on what documentation you’ll need to get your home on the market, or simply want advice on how to get your home looking perfect for viewings, we’re here to help you sell your home fast. Simply fill in the form below with any queries, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, check out the rest of the content available for the Secrets Of Summer Selling to ensure you’re making the best of the benefits of selling in the sunshine.

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